On Turning 24 (21+3)


Celebrating my birthday with the best of friends. A subtle reminder to indulge a little. A long anticipated reunion kicks off the festivities.

My college roommates and I have chosen to celebrate every birthday since our 21st, as the anniversary of that day. Hence, 21+3. I often hear people say that they took those years for granted, that they didn’t know how good they had it, that they didn’t take full advantage… well let me tell you, I knew I had it good and I milked it for all it was worth, but I also don’t want to be one of those people who looks back on that time in 5, 10 or 20 years and says those were the best days of my life.

That’s why I’m on a mission to make this the MY BEST YEAR EVER.

Creating this blog was my first liberating attempt at achieving my goal. I wanted to take a few moments each week to document the work I had achieved, the things I had learned and the experiences I had shared. I was never very good at keeping a diary when I was younger… usually I would write feverishly for a few days about some guy at school (hey Zack, Alex and Seth— hoping you’re reading this!) and then forget about it. So if I could ask for a birthday wish from each of you it would be PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE hold me to it. Don’t let me slack off. If I haven’t posted for a while, or if you’d like to hear from me, reach out and say “Hey Tracy! Can you holla?” and I promise to “Holla Back, Yo.”

I’m not much into resolutions. I can keep a resolution for about about the same amount of time as I can write in a diary without losing it. However, I wanted to publish some of my goals and ambitions for the year ahead and some of the occasions I am most looking forward to.

On What Matters:

Traveling to Costa Rica in June (check off the bucket list) and Israel in August!

Moving out of my bachelorette pad and moving in with the BF (henceforth known as JJ).

Celebrating the nuptials of some of my favorite people in July (A&A, T&J) & August (K&E!)

Looking forward to exploring different options to boost my mental and physical health. Taking a lesson in sushi making, attending a few pole dancing classes and trying out hot yoga to name a few…

Come to terms with my parents’ impending senility and plan accordingly.

On Kicking @$$ and Taking Names:

Expanding my literary horizons by finally tackling some of those books on my to-read list that don’t start with “OK!” and end in “Magazine.” (Why I Left Goldman Sachs, Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office, 40 Alternatives to College, etc.). Suggestions welcome!

Surround myself with smarts.

Move towards “innovator” on the Innovation Curve and move away from ‘laggard” status.

Become an expert in my field. Expand my SAP Security and GRC knowledge base to include one or two of the following: GRC RM (Risk Management), GRC AC (Access Control), MS-Excel MACROS, SU25 (SAP Security Initial Install and Upgrade).

On Making it Count:

Learn more about investment options and retirement planning. Become more actively involved in knowing how and where my money goes.

Make myself more aware of current events and happenings around the world.

Find an organization in Cincinnati to support regularly via my time, not my money.

Paint a room from start to finish. Clean out my fridge. Color code my closet.

Huffington Post also put out an interesting article, Turning 30: 30 Things Every Woman Should Have And Should Know, I have 6 years to go and am already pretty far.

Still working on #11 (the cordless drill part, but I think JJ has got me covered). I’m especially proud of numbers 13, 15 and 6. #14 could use some real attention…

Happy birthday to me. Thanks for taking part in my celebrations.





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