Rivalries Never Die

The Greatest Rivalry of All Time

The Greatest Rivalry of All Time

I’m a Type A. Can you tell? My actions are deliberate. I want to be heard. I’m not afraid of a little attention. I thrive on competition.

So do the other 500+ people I work with. I’m a firm believer that competition drives success. Nothing wrong with some good old-fashioned [friendly] rivalries in the office if you ask me.

This past weekend I went to that “place up north” to *gasp* cheer on the M*ch*gan Wolverines against the Fighting Irish. Cheering for the Maize and Blue was definitely new territory for me.  Keep your friends close and your enemies closer— and all that jazz. Although this won’t be a frequent occurrence, sometimes, when the heavens are perfectly aligned, rooting on your biggest rival becomes quite thrilling. Two BIG10 teams. One (da Buckeyez) ranked significantly higher in the AP. The second (M*ch*gan), taking on a higher ranked opponent (ND).  In this instance, when your rival wins, so do you. It brings new life back into the competition, brings both teams more attention, and ultimately, makes the inevitable victory even sweeter. COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED FOR THE BIG[10] MATCH UP ON NOVEMBER 30th!

This is not unlike competition at work. We have to be each other’s cheerleaders. Working with a sea of “Type As” can get tiresome, but the competitive spirit can be the most compelling motivator. Looking towards your peers as a benchmark for your own success is not always wise, as everyone treks along their own career path, but the point I aim to make is that the team is greatly strengthened by the individuals’ successes. It’s a dog eat dog world out there and sometimes it’s UP OR OUT, BUT WHEN EVERYONE’S UP, NO ONE’S OUT. 

Hail to the [true] victors, OH-IO!




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