A Day in the Life of a Consultant

This week, one of my coworkers asked me to help her out with a presentation that she was giving to business students at the University of Cincinnati about a “day in the life of a consultant.” Nailing down a typical day in my life is hard because, well, everyday is totally different. Usually a serial optimist, I was surprised by some of the ways being a consultant has affected my daily post-grad life.ย 

It’s truly amazing how adaptable a person is when they have no other choice. I for one, have become quite accustomed to the following:

  • Eating dinner, alone, in a bar, by myself.
  • Having 3 G&Ts as I wait for my connection in Salt Lake, Charlotte or Atlanta.
  • Having 6 G&Ts as I miss my connection in Salt Lake, Charlotte or Atlanta.
  • Sending at least one e-mail complaining to Delta about their customer service each week.
  • Finding great happiness on Wednesday afternoons when I get the much anticipated e-mail: “it’s time to check into your flight.”
  • Realizing that I’m way more cynical than everyone else my age.
  • Finding myself constantly talking about some middle of nowhere town in rando-ville USA.
  • The feeling of despair as I painstakingly miss every single week-night event for the better part of the year.
  • Living in constant fear every time my phone rings.

Truthfully though, it’s hard to pin down exactly what I do every day. Which is probably why no one outside of the SAP eco-sphere, not my mom or my best friends could tell you exactly what I do. There are a lot of worthwhile and noteworthy aspects to life as a consultant:

  • Working 9-5 isn’t a reality for most consultants, however, every single day can be seen as an opportunity to learn something new and tackle a new challenge.
  • SAP is an easily transferable skill.
  • You meet people from all walks of life. You can present to a room of C-level executives and work in the warehouse on the shop floor all in the same day!
  • To the best of my knowledge, no one ever lived or died over SAP, but there is something incredibly gratifying about the work we do. You can see obvious results over time and have the ability to increase the quality of life for many people by making their business processes more effective and efficient.
  • The lines between your career and personal life become incredibly blurred. Your colleagues are your family 4/7 days of the week when you’re on the road. Likewise, experience, not age is the great enforcer.
  • The perks are not underrated. Airline miles. Per diem. Hotel points.

    Left to Right: Bright lights in Times Square. Mountains c/o Salt Lake. The palms out West.

    Left to Right: Bright lights in Times Square. Mountains c/o Salt Lake. The palms out West.

Over the past 2 years my travels have brought me to the following cities: Chicago, Salt Lake City (and Idaho!), Austin (Indiana), Evansville (Indiana), Dallas (x2), Moorestown (New Jersey), Woodland Hills (California), Cleveland, Greeley (Colorado), Columbus (OH), Hebron (Kentucky) and Montvale (New Jersey- just outside of NYC!). I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Anyone else getting playoff fever yet?

Go Reds! Go Tribe!




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