Happy Friday!

Markley sleeping under my Snuggie. "Sorry dawg, Mom and Dad are too cheap to turn on the heat!"

Markley sleeping under my Snuggie. “Sorry dawg, Mom and Dad are too cheap to turn on the heat!”

Happy Friday world! Where did Autumn go? You know, that season that falls in between Summer and Winter. “Hey Autumn! Did you take a Fall or something?!” I crack myself up, but seriously, time to bust out that ankle-length jacket… it more than slightly resembles a down comforter. As my friend Lauren puts it, “the kind of jacket that makes you look like you’re walking around in a giant sleeping bag.” Let’s chalk this up to one of those things: can’t live with it, can’t live without it.

So a little update on what’s been going on with me… in no particular order: 

  • Still chugging along on our running regime. Got up to two miles last week (in Denver, 5000 ft above sea level). The race is 2.5 weeks away!
  • MY CLIENT IS LIVE ON THEIR NEW ROLE DESIGN! It’s the little wins in life. I’ll be wrapping up this project in the next few weeks. A few noteworthy stats from the role redesign: A reduction in user access by 78%! The users previously has 9% of all  available roles, that number was reduced to 4%, even though the number of roles nearly tripled. Users are now restricted to specific SAP tasks by company code. All roles are free from any inherent segregation of duties violations!

    My Life, Lately (In Pictures)

    My Life, Lately (In Pictures)

  • I will be doing a webinar on November 20th for SAP Experts on “Surviving an SAP Security Audit.” More details to follow.
  • Last weekend, I headed back to my alma mater to relive “the glory days (daze).” Had all my favorite greasy, fried foods and watched the Buckeyes conquer over the Hawkeyes in a nail-biter.
  • October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Check out this amazing picture montage from a photographer who documented his wife’s battle with breast cancer http://www.viralnova.com/wifes-cancer/. (warning: this is a tear-jerker). My friends and I attended the “PINK Prom” at the Horseshoe Casino in Cincinnati to join the fight against breast cancer and support the Susan G Komen Foundation. We got dressed up. Grabbed a few dates (to share). Walked the pink carpet. AND danced the night away… all for an AMAZING CAUSE!


Happy Friday to all my readers… stay warm out there.




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