SNAP Challenge: Day 2 in Review


  • Tracy: 1 apple, 1/2 PB&J Sandwich
  • Josh: 1 hard-boiled egg, 1 banana, 1 cup oatmeal with cinnamon

    Dinner. Hearty, but I wouldn't add it to the repertoire.

    Dinner. Hearty, but I wouldn’t add it to the repertoire.


  • Tracy: Egg salad sandwich, carrots, applesauce
  • Josh: Rice and Beans


  • Both: Steamed rice with veggies (canned sweat peas and fresh broccoli) with chicken (2 breasts total). TONS of leftovers! We used some of the condiments and spices we had at home to liven it up.


  • Tracy: A few bites of Josh’s PB&J, hunk of pepper-jack cheese
  • Josh: A PB&J Sandwich


For me, the thing that is going to be the most difficult about the rest of the week is not the fact that we won’t have enough to eat, but that we do not have a choice. The challenge is already starting to affect my social life because events usually revolve around food or drinking. I’ve been eating lunch at my desk while the rest of the team goes out together and find myself more irritable in the afternoon. Time management is also key. Josh and I spend about an hour and a half a night preparing dinner and packing our lunch for the following day, typically we wouldn’t spend more than a half an hour unless I had gone to the store to cook an elaborate meal. Truthfully though, some of the extra time has paid off in the ways of money saving. Usually, I buy frozen veggies that can be steamed directly in the bag, but I can save a dollar or more if I buy the kind that  requires you to put it in another container for heating. I’ve already lost a pound or two this week… a welcome change. I don’t think it’s due to eating more nutritiously though, but rather due to the fact that I don’t crave the food that I have readily available.

More to come,




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