SNAP Challenge: Day 3 in Review


  • Josh: 1 hard-boiled egg, oatmeal with cinnamon

    Top Chef Worthy Egg Salad

    Top Chef Worthy Egg Salad

  • Tracy: 1 banana, 1/2 PB&J sandwich


  • Josh: 1 apple, yogurt with cinnamon, leftover rice and beans & rice with chicken and vegetables
  • Tracy: Egg salad (no bread), carrots, applesauce, hunk of pepper-jack cheese


  • Josh: Tuna Melt & leftover rice with chicken & vegetables
  • Tracy: Grilled cheese sandwich and Ramen soup (Chicken flavor) with mushrooms added


  • Both: Canned pears

Yesterday was the first day that I physically felt the implications of the food we had chosen. After dinner I had a terrible stomach-ache, no doubt a testament to the vast amounts of sodium I just consumed. In the ways of soup, I usually choose heartier options (with meat and vegetables) with low sodium content. Although I am a proponent that generic brands often taste identical to the name brand, in the case of the american cheese singles I had on my grilled cheese, I’d have to disagree. That too, seemed INCREDIBLY salty. Not sure if it was a victim of the Ramen I was eating with it, but that’s that. Unfortunately, I’ll have to endure that feeling a few more times, as I had planned on eating grilled cheese and Ramen throughout the week and don’t have enough options to make substitutions.

Tuna Melt & Rice via Chef JJ

Tuna Melt & Rice via Chef JJ

This weekend I was discussing the challenge with my friend, Josh, who gave me some insight on another form of food insecurity. A food desert is an area where affordable healthy food is difficult to obtain, particularly for those without access to an automobile. Food deserts are also noted in rural areas and are most likely to be found amid low-income communities. Some researchers link them to diet-related health problems in affected populations. Food deserts are sometimes associated with supermarket shortages and food insecurity. (definition from Wikipedia).” Although JJ and I were able to drive nearly 15 minutes to the nearest WalMart to find budget-friendly groceries, not everyone has that option.


3 down, 4 to go,

@ PostGradSAP





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