SNAP Challenge: Days 6 & 7 in Review


The perfect egg.

The perfect egg.


  • Josh: 3-egg omlette with frozen peas, spinach and siracha, hard-boiled egg
  • Tracy: 2 eggs over medium with pepper-jack and toast


  • Josh: Tuna sandwich, rice and beans
  • Tracy: Nothing (we ate breakfast at noon)


  • Both: Canned pineapple slices


  • Both: Pasta with frozen green beans, leftover frozen spinach and peas ***Had to buy another jar of pasta sauce for $1.50, $5.58 of emergency money remaining).

Late-Night Snack Post Halloween-Party:

  • Both: Shared a PB&J sandwich and a grilled cheese sandwich



photo 1 (2)


  • Josh: Oatmeal and hard-boiled egg
  • Tracy: Half PB&J Sandwich, banana


  • Josh: Rice and Beans, leftover pasta
  • Tracy: Leftover pasta, apple, carrots, applesauce


  • Josh: Tuna sandwich

“The Last Supper”:

  • Both: Chicken with honey mustard sauce, sweet potatoes and fresh steamed broccoli


  • Brownies ***spent $3.00 on the ingredients total, $2.58 of emergency money remaining.*** We had heard that in order t- make “skinny brownies,” you can substitute the eggs and oil for a can of diet soda, so we subbed diet coke. The brownies were AWFUL and I didn’t eat them. Note to self: don’t experiment with new recipes when living on a limited budget.
"The Last Supper"

“The Last Supper”

Look for a follow up post about the entire week in review!




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