GRC Conference 2014: “Everything to See, Hear and Do”

Recently, SAP Insider released the brochure for GRC 2014, the premier event for SAP governance, risk, audit and compliance, being held in Orlando, FL March 18th-21st. Fingers crossed (and toes!) I’ll be able to attend the conference this year, but regardless, I wanted to highlight “everything to see, hear and do,” my “it-list” so-to-speak for this year’s conference attendees.

SAP Insider also noted the “Top 6 Reasons to attend GRC 2014,” including: “Significantly lower compliance, audit, and reporting costs; Deploy, test and monitor controls faster and with greater ease; Prepare for and conduct more rigorous internal and external audits; Reduce and quickly remediate segregation of duties (SoD) violations; etc. If you ask me, those reasons are more of a comprehensive argument for deploying GRC  within your business. The number one reason to attend GRC 2014 is to be informed of the most cutting-edge technologies available for risk and compliance and to hear from experienced SAP professional and industry experts on how GRC can work best for your business and various implementation strategies and success stories.

The conference offers various tracks for individuals with varying interests (everyone has a different MO, which is why GRC works best when everyone participates).

What Not to Miss (as if your life depends on it!):

1. Track 1: Strategies, Trends and Updates in GRC: Panel Discussion: “How companies leverage SAP solutions for GRC to safeguard assets, prevent fraud, and comply with complex regulations.”; SAP Fraud Management Live Demo

2. Track 2: Security and Control Optimization: “Setting Up Security and Authorizations in SAP Process Control”; Case Study: “How Mars kick started its global SAP security governance program”

3. Track 3: Access Governance and Segregation of Duties: “Integrating SAP Access Control and identity management: Bets practices and lessons learned”; Live Demo: What’s new with SAP Access Control 10.1; “Practical tips for updating your rule set and mitigating the control library”

Track 4: Continuous Monitoring and Process Control: “Continuous control monitoring in SAP: Best practices for implementing automated monitoring in SAP Process Control”; Panel Discussion: “Customers share their successes and lessons learned from SAP Process Control and SAP Risk Management implementation projects”

Track 5: Risk Management: “Best practices for building a comprehensive risk management program”; “Take the next step in your GRC strategy: Building the business case for SAP Process Control and SAP Risk Management”

Track 6: Implementing, Upgrading and Integrating GRC Solutions: Check out the 3 case studies in this track (Nike, Sharp Electronics and Tyson Foods)

Track 7: GRC Reporting and Analysis: “An up-to-date guide to reporting and analytics options for SAP solutions for GRC”; “Configuring your system for optimal SoD analysis reporting, simulations and mitigation controls”

Track 8: Audits and Assurance: “How to keep your SAP audit approach up to date with the latest audit trends and global challenges”

Track 9: GRC for Finance Teams: “Enhance your financial processes with SAP solutions for GRC”; “Mitigate financial risks and automate the testing of financial controls using SAP Process Control”

Track 10: Legal and Regulatory Updates: “Critical tax implications to account for during your SAP implementation

Additionally, If you’re in Orlando, make sure to check out the hands-on-labs that will be set up throughout the conference. SAP experts and professionals will be providing real-time tutorials on the cutting edge technologies available with release 10.1. And don’t turn in early, you won’t want to miss the networking opportunities and evening receptions.

For more information on GRC 2014, you can visit:

Happy New Year! Wishing all my readers a year filled with only happy days (less advil and fewer GRC woes),





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