My Life, Lately, In Pictures

Hi friends (Romans, countrymen)!

I realize it’s been a while since I’ve updated all of you on what’s been happening in my life. I mean, you know all about my upcoming webinar on February 21st (if you’re a 90s child you know all about MTV and the requisite shameless plug), but you don’t know what’s ACTUALLY been happening. Huh? Huh? You following me?

One of my favorite bloggers, Liz Schneider, of Sequins and Stripes published a post shortly after ringing in 2014… about What’s Important. It’s something I’ve really been trying to focus on as well. Sometimes the stress of being a post-grad can really get to a girl. Everyone’s got problems, which isn’t to say that some problems aren’t more inconsequential than others (mine in fact, are quite small when taking in the big picture), but that doesn’t stop us from dwelling on them. Liz said it best… “It’s easy to get caught up in crap that makes you forget about what’s important. For example, the stress of a new year, new resolutions, and trying to fix things in your life that might not necessarily need fixing. The pressure of having a big career, the pressure to do more, the pressure to be happy – a new year ignites a lot of pressure to be something better than you were last year – which is annoying.” 

So here it is… my life, lately, in pictures. A montage I’m incredibly proud of. No shameless plugs in site, just an abundance of friends, family and food (hey, you can take the carbs out of the girl, but you can’t take the girl out of the carbs).

My New Year's Resolution? To Do More of This.

My New Year’s Resolution? To Do More of This.

From left to right:

  • In November, I spent a particularly windy weekend in the Windy City with my favorite group of people.
  • Later that month, Josh and I celebrated the nuptials of J&M at The Kentucky Derby Museum. It was an absolutely gorgeous wedding.
  • November also brought two of my favorite holidays: Thanksgiving and Hanukkah. Fun fact: The two only overlap every 70,000 years. So the odds are zero that I’ll ever live to see that again. My family came to Cincinnati to join us for the festivities.
  • December shall be henceforth known as Snowmageddon. The weather was so bad, that the office closed mid-day one Friday. The Merk and I used it as an excuse to dine on this Banana & Nutella Waffle at Taste of Belgium.
  • I treated Josh to a trip to Louisville for Hanukkah and it turned out to be exactly what we needed. We went on the most comprehensive city tour: “Everything to See, Eat and Drink in Louisville,” stayed at the most gorgeous B&B (Ginny, the innkeeper was to die for), and dined at the 21C Museum Hotel Restaurant
  • Later that month, we packed up the car (and Markley) for a quick road-trip to Cleveland. We spent some quality time with friends and family and stayed until just after the new year.
  • Ringing in 2014 with the best of friends was definitely the highlight of the trip.
  • January is here and love is in the air! A few weeks ago, I celebrated the end of Chelsea’s bachelorette days by showering her with gifts and eating a few too many custom-made M&Ms (sorry the picture is a tad bit blurry).
  • The Polar Vortex has left me clinging to memories of warm summer weeks spent in Costa Rica and Israel. In lieu of my impending depression, I cooked an Israeli feast last night complete with chicken schnitzel, Israeli salad and Shakshuka (pictured above).


Here’s hoping 2014 brings you health, happiness and self-fulfillment.




One thought on “My Life, Lately, In Pictures

  1. Tracy,

    Thanks for posting the summary of key sessions to attend at GRC 2014. If you can attend the conference, I hope to see you there.


    Gary Byrne
    Managing Editor
    SAPexperts Financials and GRC

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