Want, Love, Do, Wear, Read

I’ve been lacking a bit of “blogspiration” lately, so I took to the internet for refuge. A classmate of mine from High School (Go Comets!), Gina, created a lifestyle blog, Vanilla and Velvet, which focuses on inspiring everyday life. Kudos, Gina, you had me at hello.

Periodically, Gina writes a post which highlights bit and pieces that pique her interest. I thought I’d give it a go… with the Post Grad SAP twist of course.  An assortment of fun things for all you Post-Grads, SAP Consultants, Working Women out there to sink your teeth into!

2-6-2014 12-02-00 PM

  • Want: A replacement for my dingy old laptop sleeve… Care of Kate (Spade).
  • Love: I’m Olympics Obsessed! Hopefully I won’t get any sideways glances tomorrow when I throw up the Opening Ceremonies on my dual monitor at the office. Check out this link: National Flag’s Made From Each Country’s Traditional Foods. The UK sure looks tasty.
  • Do: The countdown has begun for Eurotrip 2014 and the itinerary is really coming together. Can’t wait to take a boat ride in the Seine River alongside the Eiffel Tower. T-4 weeks. Fun fact: My previous manager was a world traveler. She inspired me in more ways than one, but perhaps the greatest gift she gave me was the “travel buzz.” T and her husband made a pact that they had to take at least one international trip every year before they had children.
  • Wear: Nike Luxe Women’s Running Tights are my new obsession. Sorry Lulu, but I think they beat out the ‘Wunder Under’ in all categories. They are a bit pricey (even on sale), but worth every penny.
  • Read: I just finished Sheryl Sandberg’s, bestseller: Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead. Ok, I know. I’m a little slow on the uptake, but I’m glad I didn’t let myself be dissuaded due to a lack of timeliness. If there’s anyone left out there who hasn’t read Sandberg’s tell-all on the women in the workforce, JUST DO IT.




One thought on “Want, Love, Do, Wear, Read

  1. Lean In is a favorite of mine – Sheryl spoke at a conference of ours a few months back and was fantastic! As for “Want, Love, Do, Wear, Read” I hold myself accountable to posting the series once a month- you should try to do the same. It keeps me consistent with posting!

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