GRC 10.0/10.1 Process Control: Policy Management, Policy Types

Sorry SAP, but I think that “Policy Management” is a bit of a misnomenclature.

You see policy management is for so much more than just policies. In fact, there is a whole configuration dedicated to “policy types,” which simply means any piece of information in your organization that requires a formal process for life-cycle management. Policy management involves specifying, updating, publishing, maintaining, communicating and enforcing “policies as” well as measuring their compliance.

Policy management gives you the ability to attribute different policies (ie. a work instruction) to a specific organization structure, business process and activity. For example, you can assign work instructions for a new piece of machinery to a specific warehouse and business process. Users can be notified to read the work instructions and take a related quiz to ensure that they have read and understand the policy. Furthermore, policy management integrates well with other master data elements within GRC Process Control as policies can be tied to risks and controls and ad hoc issues relating to policies can also be raised.


Just a little tidbit to wet your whistle on this April Tuesday.

In other news, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. I’m officially a quarter-century old and it feels really great. Wishing the happiest of days to my birthday twins: Twin-Bro Todd and BFF Birne.

Celebrate? Don’t mind if I do.




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