Session @ GRC Conference 2015: Achieving collaborative GRC accountability: The power of successful communication between the business and IT

Who else is already excited for GRC 2015 in Las Vegas? I am already counting down the days! This year is going to be especially thrilling for me as I’ve been chosen as a speaker for one of the conference sessions. Read my abstract below and stay tuned for more information!

Achieving Collaborative GRC Accountability:

The Power of Successful Communication Between the Business and IT

This session will highlight the importance of collaboration between the business and IT within the realm of SAP Access Control, SAP Process Control, and SAP Risk Management and provide a better understanding of the communication opportunities within GRC. During this session:
• Learn what steps you can take to eliminate common fractures such as overlapping responsibilities, processes and systems, as well as gaps or other inefficiencies from your GRC processes

• Develop a deeper understanding of the key stakeholders and contributors as part of GRC, including who participates and at what stages, why they participate, and how they perform these tasks

• Walk through common instances of separation of powers within GRC and key examples of how collaboration drives checks and balances within the system


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